Our wedding Photography and Videography Package

Our Packages Features

  • Experienced and Reliable Team of Photographers, Videographers and Film Directors
  • Professional Video Camera with 4K Shooting Capabilities
  • Affordable, Clean and Professional Photo Mounts (A3 & A4 Sizes)
  • Professional Wedding Video Editing
  • Fast delivery for edited photos and videos (Delivery in strictly 14 days after the wedding date)
  • Affordable and customized packages.
  • Best experience (Team Arrival Time, Great Conduct, Quality Edits & Superb Live Coverage where applicable

Our Services


We offer comprehensive wedding photography and videography packages that can include engagement shoots, pre-wedding consultations, full-day coverage, drone footage, and more. Our goal is to provide all-inclusive services that simplify your planning process.We have a knack for capturing the genuine emotions and candid moments that make your wedding day unique. Our work tells the story of your love and the joy of the day in a way that transports you back to that moment each time you view your photos and videos.

Wedding Photography

  • Initial wedding consultations
  • Unlimited coverage from the Morning preparations¬†
  • 2 Photographers
  • 600+ Edited Photos¬†
  • Physical Delivery in flash Drive
  • Photo mounts
  • Free E-Invitation Card
  • Free E-Thankyou Card

Wedding Videography

  • Unlimited coverage from the morning preparations
  • 4K Cinema Camera coverage (2 video cameras)
  • Two Videographers
  • 5-15 Minute Cinematic Highlight Film.
  • Full Edited Preparation, Ceremony & Reception Video.
  • Bride and Groom Interviews.
  • Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Interviews
  • Free Invitation Video


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"Creativity in photography is about more than just taking pictures; it's a dance of light, composition, and emotion. It's the art of storytelling through visual language, where every frame speaks volumes."


Photo Editing

"Photo editing in photography is the transformative magic behind the lens, where raw moments evolve into polished masterpieces. It's the art of enhancing, refining, and crafting visual narratives, breathing life into pixels."

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Quality Photography

"Quality in photography is the pursuit of perfection, where every detail matters. It's the fusion of technical expertise, artistic vision, and attention to the finest elements, resulting in images that resonate with timeless brilliance."

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